Solace (ePub)


The poems in the collection were written within one year when the pandemic ruled our lives by forcing us into isolation. In hope of maintaining a semblance of reality, the poet is compelled to inhabit imaginative space, focusing on specific images generated by everyday life. The poems become her companions and through writing them, she finds relief in pain and grief. The book Solace is a quest to find consolation, and to speak on behalf of people, who although overwhelmed by human limitations, search for something tangible which can restore their peace of mind in turbulent times

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I've always thought that Eva Kolacz's artistic sensibility was more European than North American. Here is a poet who is not afraid of high art, who brings to her poems references to Chopin and Cezanne, Nietzsche and Walt Whitman, and others. Of course, she is also an accomplished visual artist and this contributes to her approach to poetry, the images in her poems are precise and moving. One of my favourite poems in Eva Kolacz's new book, Solace, is "Condition of Being" in which she writes, "A new reason to wonder: / trees bloom with hummingbirds, // and a perfect shape / of turquoise—a robin’s egg—is enough to send / the morning into a springtime song."

Stephen Morrissey, author of A Poet’s Journey on poetry and what it means to be a poet