Photo: Tyler Brownbridge, The Windsor Star

Publisher Marty Gervais

Marty has been a force in the Canadian literary scene since he moxied his way into his first newsroom. As a journalist, Gervais has interviewed pop stars and popes, boxers and ballerinas, photographers and people next door. His insatiable hunger for stories make him an award-winning poet, historian, journalist and photographer. He is a man dedicated to paying attention to the people and the world around them so he can cultivate their stories and talents. As the premiere Poet Laureate of Windsor, Ontario, Gervais has gathered poets laureates from across the country to read and share their poetry. He continues to be a leader in publishing fine Canadian poets.

Alicia Labbé

Alicia Labbé, Special Assistant to the Publisher & Editor

After receiving her B.A. in English with honours at the University of Windsor, Alicia decided to pursue a career in publishing. To date she has completed Humber College’s Creative Book Publishing Program, worked for Biblioasis, Random House of Canada and Scanner Press, and is excited to add Black Moss Press to her resume. In her spare time she likes to travel; she has eaten her way through Paris, London, Quebec City, New Orleans and Toronto, with plans for sampling the delicacies of many other famous cities.

Brian Fox, Partner

A Windsor-area native who grew up on a dairy farm in Harrow Ontario, Brian has worked with Marty as a partner in Black Moss for more than four decades. Brian began his career as a journalist at The Windsor Star with Marty. His experience includes working at The Toronto Star and Chris Ward & Associates, a branding and marketing firm. He is now a principal at Enterprise Canada, a national strategic communications, public affairs and public relations firm with offices in Toronto, Hamilton, Ottawa and Edmonton.

Elise Gervais, Managing Editor

Elise Gervais has a degree in English literature and a background working in the Canadian literary scene including experience  University of Toronto’s School of Continuing Education writing program. She plays a key role in manuscript selection and editing.

Karen Veryle Monck, Designer

Kare is a writer, editor and book design
er whose beginnings as a journalist led to a fascination with the visual presentation of the written word and a passion for developing informative design based on content. Over two decades, she has designed more than 150 books, many of them for Black Moss Press. The recipient of several provincial and national awards for critical writing, newspaper layout and book design, Karen lives in Windsor.

Julienne Rousseau

Julienne Rousseau, Director of Sales and Marketing

Born and raised in Windsor, Rousseau is a historian, writer, and filmmaker. A graduate of the University of Windsor with a degree with distinction in history, she is compelled to write historical journals, poetry, and short-stories, and her journalistic work includes interviewing a wide range of local talent and recording oral histories to create articles and films. Above all, Julienne  is an equal rights activist who combines her love of history, art, and music to produce meaningful works.

The Black Moss Publishing Workshop @ University of Windsor

The Black Moss Publishing Workshop

Every year University of Windsor students learn about publishing and promoting the work of Canadian writers working with Black Moss Publisher Marty Gervais.