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New for Tuesday April 13 in our Poem a Day for Poetry Month


Another featured poem from Antonia’s book To Make a Bridge, the second in our Poem a Day for Poetry Month series


The Contents of the Cabinet of Fame


  1. A copper man (frozen

forever) swings

his fishing rod of twig’n’twine

towards a non-existent lake.


  1. Two pick-up trucks carved

from the timber a real one

transported. Bruno claims

if you jump, rattle shelving,

the toys will rock on oak

tires—unsettled wheels turn.


  1. With palms twisted

outward in porcelain

holiness, a Madonna

roll-calls twin mothers

stationed at bedsides,

atop doorframes, the bare

soles of her feet kissing

a white, unpainted snake.


  1. A dusty rock, once beached

in the sand of Sicilian shorelines.


  1. A wooden doll roughly chiseled

into being: vertical grooves imitate

hair, the skirt a solid cone of pine.


  1. An amber-stained kitten, moulded

from ceramic: Dad’s grade 13 art project.


  1. Zi’Renata’s wooden-beaded

rosary jailed in a static circle.


  1. Framed faces: cousins

gripping the green skin

of a snake-shaped zucchini,

ripe and ready for cookin’,

saltin’, eatin’.


  1. A miniature shoe, timeless

footwear—silver, jewelled

with rhinestones that crimson light.

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