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Indigenous History Month: D.A. Lockhart

If you are looking to learn more about Indigenous culture this month, look no further than these fine titles by Lenni-Lenape poet Daniel Lockhart. A Turtle Clan member of Eelünaapéewi Lahkéewiit (Lenape), and a registered member of the Moravian of the Thames First Nation, Lockhart currently resides at the south shore of Waawiiyaatanong (Windsor, ON-Detroit, MI).

Lockhart’s latest collection of poetry from Black Moss Press, Tùkhòne (2020), straddles the Canada/America border and blends scenes of urban and Indigeneity with traditional Japanese Haiku and Haibun. Drawing from Detroit’s rich musical history, Lockhart tells the story of a stolen land and a lost culture that can never be fully recovered. Tùkhòne is a celebration of what it means to be Indigenous and is a vital addition to any bookshelf.

Wënchikàneit Visions (2019) is a collection of essays that explores one’s connection to place and history. Organized as visions occurring in regards to the moons from September (Hunters Moon) to February (Deep Snow Moon), Wënchikàneit Visions utilizes traditional teachings and myths to contemplate forgotten or abandoned spaces around Waawiiyaatanong.

In This City at the Crossroads (2017) Lockhart returns to his roots in Indiana and explores place and presence. It is a meditation on the things we have to leave behind.

In his debut collection Big Medicine Comes to Erie (2016), Lockhart takes the reader on a journey through time. He deftly paints a picture of the Delaware peoples’ migration to the region that is today known as southwestern Ontario. It is a thought-provoking collection that explores where we came from and how it has influenced who we are today.

If you’re interested in the history of the Windsor region, be sure to check out Because We Have All Lived Here (2017). This collection features poetry from seven Windsor poets, each poet explores the history of the five towns that now make up Windsor, Ontario. in this book, Daniel Lockhart offers a selection of poems about the indigenous history of this area.

All of these books are available for sale through our website or at your local bookstore.

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