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So Am I  focuses on faith, appearances, self- love, romantic love, and the experiences of being a daughter of an immigrant family. Into the poetry, she weaves life as a Maronite Christian, the struggle to untangle the complexities of a ritual and belief in God. Samantha’s poems are lyrical stories that deal directly with identity, mental health, and faith. Samantha is a new voice on the block.

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Samantha Badaoa is a new poet on the scene, a young writer living in Windsor, Ontario. And al- though she has not published much in journals, she enjoys an underground reputations as a rising star in the performance poetry scene. She was recently named Youth Poet Laureate for Windsor.

St. Maria Goretti

His father says,
“You’re a liar. My son would never do that.”

My father says,
“It’s your fault. You should have said something sooner.”

Our Father says, “Pre-marital sex is a sin.”

The patron saint of sexual assault victims was only eleven
when she was stabbed fourteen times
fighting off her abuser.

Her official prayer celebrates the sacrifice to

defend her virginal purity

and I am left wondering
what am I meant to atone for?
Losing my purity, or not losing my life in the struggle?

Which is the greater crime in their eyes?

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