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We're excited to unveil a new project that will allow you to connect with your favourite poets like never before! Anthology is a poetry book club that meets on the Zoom platform Sundays from 1:30pm – 2:30pm. The club runs 6 months a year (July, Aug, Sept & Jan, Feb, March) and consists of: three Zoom meetings per month two books of poetry and a meeting with both authors. Prices: (tax and shipping included) $60 for Zoom link and 2 books $50

At a recent poetry zoom, a poet used a line about mirrored floors. One of the group saw the image as polished floors, another as mirrors laid on the floor. It went on to mirrors leaned against the base of a wall for room effect. Until the question was asked: why not the illusion of space? In ensuing emails, a dare was put to write a mirror poem. To me, metaphors and similes are in a sense, mirrors. They reflect angles of light on a subject;