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Fire and Water

Published Date: May 5, 2020

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The title of the book “Fire and Water” is based on the birth signs. Eva—the sign of Aries represents fire, and Laurence the sign of Cancer—water.

This collection of poems almost wrote “itself” over a period of time, expressing the passion that they have for each other—light, playful, pleasure, intensity. The poet in love is like a chameleon as Keats wrote, and is able to liberate feelings through powerful metaphors associated with erotic themes. The eroticism in us is timeless, an energy which is “eternal delight” as William Blake has observed.

Fire and Water, these love poems, get back to basics, to the elements, to the sacred facts of our bodies and being, that we are souls not meant to be solo; that we are meant to pair off and engender offspring. Eva Kolacz tends the heart-felt fire that is her desire: “She is not afraid of thunder, trying to burn her waves….” For his part, Laurence Hutchman observes of his love, “You make me dare the night’s darkness, / accept the lightning as part of the storm.” Here is a couple who give us the couplet of their twin minds, twin selves, their doubled valentines. Who can refuse love poems, “the bird with paper wings / burning in the air,” or those ankles, “locked around me, / … the clarity of the moment, / that is beyond the measure of metaphor”? Here’s fire—earthy, volcanic; here’s water that airs roars and sighs. And Eva Kolacz’s drawings render naked—and transparent—the heart.

George Elliott Clarke, 7th Parliamentary Poet Laureate (2016-2017)

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