Sandra Lynn Lynxleg

Sandra Lynn Lynxleg was born in Halifax and is a status member of the Tootinaowaziibeeng Treaty Reserve No.4 in Manitoba. She has been published in the Fiddlehead, Leaf Press, Our Canada Magazine, and Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine. Currently, Lynxleg resides in Vernon, British Columbia, where she works for School District 22 as a District Principal,… Read more »

Book Review: Glass Beads

From the Feminist Caucus of the League of Canadian Poets, by Chair Anne Burke, we find the in-depth review of Sandra Lynn Lynxleg‘s First Lines book of poetry, Glass Beads. This is Sandra’s first book of poetry, and her first book published by Black Moss Press. Anne Burke reviewed this book. Thank you Anne! Review… Read more »


Here is a list of our many talented authors. We are working on adding links to their Black Moss Press published books for you to purchase. Akpata, Michael Badaoa, Samantha Beaudoin, Penny-Anne Beissel, Henry Bell, Roger Blomer, Yvonne Brodie, Barry Brown, Ronnie R. Bulmer, April Carter, Terry Ann Cook, Greg Cott, Gillian D’Alimonte, Carlinda Dabydeen,… Read more »

Do Not Call Me By My Name

Do not call me
by my name
I am not singular
I am all the children who drowned.
I am all the children who could not speak,
and the ones who learned to fly
and all the ones who found their way back,
through the thistle anf the thorns,
through the abandoned years
and wasted scraps of memory,
carrying a pail full of blackberries
for the first time
at last

Do Not Call Me By My Name

“These poems are placed like cold steel beds lined up row upon row. Visceral. Lisa Shatzky writes in gunmetal residue—evidence bagged from Canada’s largest crime scene of the Residential School era. As she opened the vaulted doors into each child’s memory, she was slashed by tormented truth, laughter at lost blood, lost stories. In this… Read more »