Make Me Remake Me: An Interview with Gillian Cott

Get to know Black Moss Press’ newest author, Gillian Cott as she talks about the experiences that led her to write spring-launching book, Make Me Remake Me: Writing Myself Across Two Continents.

Gillian Cott

Gillian’s first book Make Me Remake Me: Writing Myself Across Two Continents was released in 2015. The pursuit of places, people, and moments that feel like home is the inspiration for much of her writing. Click here for all Black Moss Press news related to Gillian Cott. BOOKS Make Me, Remake Me: Writing Myself Across Two Continents… Read more »

Black Moss Press in the News

The following are two links to the University of Windsor’s newspaper The Lance. The first article details the recent events at Poetry at the Manor Vol 3, click here to read more. The second article deals with the class that Black Moss Press owner Marty Gervais runs at the University of Windsor. The class itself… Read more »

Make Me, Remake Me: Writing Myself Across Two Continents

A farm in the south of France, the cobblestoned streets of Paris, the metro of Montreal, the anonymous vastness of New York – these are some of the places that frame the adventures of Gillian Cott, a young woman embracing the philosophy of just saying “Yes!” Through turns that are both invigorating and heartbreaking, Make… Read more »

Press Conference Feb 26: Spring Launching Books

We’re going to be announcing our three spring-launching books–Sunday With The Tigers (edited by Dale Jacobs), Make Me, Remake Me (by Gillian Cott) and Sidelines (by Peter Hrastovec). We’re going to be filling your ears with poetry and prose. And we’re going to be filling your bellies with wine. Come this Thursday February 26 to… Read more »


Here is a list of our many talented authors. We are working on adding links to their Black Moss Press published books for you to purchase. Akpata, Michael Badaoa, Samantha Beaudoin, Penny-Anne Beissel, Henry Bell, Roger Blomer, Yvonne Brodie, Barry Brown, Ronnie R. Bulmer, April Carter, Terry Ann Cook, Greg Cott, Gillian D’Alimonte, Carlinda Dabydeen,… Read more »