Whiskey Eyes

Ever wonder what might happen when aging parents move in with their son, his wife and their young family? Whiskey Eyes is a collection of intercon- nected short fiction pieces that look at what happens before, during and after the big “move in”. The underlying tone is one of loss, neglect, abuse, alco- holism, compassion and humour. Incidents range from a father flashback relating to the time he played hockey on an outdoor rink against a team of hearing-impaired players and nearly freezing his penis off, to the ninety per- cent blind mother running off with an ice cream vendor in search of a liquor store. The story is told through many voices and occasionally through inter- nal monologues. Whiskey Eyes attempts to show that the son is just as blind (or blinder) than his mother. Family tensions are explored with an incisive writer’s eye. And towards the end, the son attempts to make peace with him- self and his mother after witnessing the death of his father.

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