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Third of five poems by Michael Mirolla for Poetry Month 2021

Michael Mirolla

Poetry month continues with another poem from Michael Mirolla’s newest collection At the End of the World. Remember to join us Friday evening for a video interview hosted by Bruce Meyer.


As we Sail into our Mistakes


As we sail into our mistakes, the wind

slicing right through us despite all efforts

to let it simply slip by, the metaphors

grown tired drop away, eel-swallowed,

to be taken back to a Sargasso Sea

where each shiny beginning marks an end.


As we sail into those mistakes, the hairs

on the back of our necks like antennae

to signal danger ahead, the words lose

their concreteness, become fuzzy foam bits

floating on the tips of cruel waves that flash

letters for a moment before sinking.


As we sail into the mistakes, the skies frown

like old-style gods ready to bring down wrath,

itching to reach in and teach us the lesson

that should make us bow to their majesty

but instead, shaking our fists, cement us

gleefully to the error of our ways.

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