Samantha Badaoa and Laurie Smith Virtual Launch

We’re pleased to release this virtual launch for Samantha Badaoa’s So am I and Laurie Smith’s Suck and Spit, to stand in for the traditional launch that would have taken place.

Samantha Badaoa is Windsor, Ontario’s inaugural youth poet laureate. She specializes in slam poetry that ranges from topics of family and religion to her experiences with love and friendship. She has participate in the Windsor Poetry Slam, and has won grand champion at that event. So am I is her first book of poetry.

Laurie Smith is a poet in Windsor, she has published several books of poetry as well as won many awards for her poetry and short fiction. She is the publisher and editor of Cranberry Tree Press, and frequently runs writing workshops. Suck and Spit focuses on the theme of poison, the title is reminiscent of sucking poison out of a snake bite.

Head to your local bookstore and grab your copies today!

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