Twelve Miles to Midnight


André Narbonne’s first collection of award winning stories, Twelve Miles to Midnight, abounds with intriguing and raw characters: a mother who flees to a wild island in Northern Ontario to protect her son from the vengeance of strangers; a mad captain on an icebound oil tanker stalked by an invisible predator; a Melvillean chef who prefers not to cook; a sex worker seeking transcendence. In twelve piercingly authentic stories, Narbonne crafts a compellingly human world in which compassion is the genius of commonplace heroes and heroines.

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Black Moss Editorial Team

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“Twelve Miles to Midnight feels like so much more than the sum of its parts, never straying from the small particulars of ordinary lives yet somehow achieving the breadth and depth of an epic. Narbonne writes with a rare humanity and insight, giving all his characters their due and uniquely attuned to the ties that bind them.” –

– Nino Ricci, author of The Origin of Species

“Though Twelve Miles to Midnight covers lots of cold, hard territory – from Northern Ontario, to Cape Breton, to an ice-bound tanker trapped off the coast of Newfoundland – there is no denying the intimate warmth of Narbonne’s writing, the careful craftsmanship of his stories, and the tenderness of his characterization. This is one beautiful, tough book, full of complex relationships and sometimes angry compassion. I bet David Adams Richards and Herman Melville could appreciate what’s happening in here. I hope you will, too.”

Alexander MacLeod, author of Light Lifting

“These are stories of loss–lost jobs, lost loved ones, lost lives. People lost to cancer, accident, their own hand. Lost childhood and lost relationships. Their consolation is to tell the stories, the old hope that to set down the right words in the right order has the power not to make sense of loss but simply to remember it. Twelve Miles to Midnight is a superbly crafted gift: honest, compelling, and deeply moving.”

Nick Mount, University of Toronto