This City at the Crossroads

This is the promised land in all its grit and its nostalgic glory, from the shores of the White River to the constellations of an Indianapolis skyline. The Hoosier answer to Carl Sandburg’s cornerstone poem ChicagoThis City at the Crossroads is part love song, part meditation on the things we have to leave behind. Through the emergence of mythic men like Lightning Hopkins, T.C. Steele, and Freddie Hubbard from the physical landscape the promise of place that many see as a crossroads rather than a home becomes the motherland we all wish that we had. The sophomore poetry collection by D.A. Lockhart explores his time at the crossroads and the manner that those around us, from the infamous to the everyman, find their roots in a land that is all too often overlooked in a mad race to be some place or something other than where they should be or what they truly are.

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Reading a collection of Lisa Shatzky’s poems is dazzling... Lisa can take media stories from ‘over there’—the trophy- killing of a lion, suicide bombings in farway places—and move us into a closer and deeper connection. Throughout, she invites us to share her perceptions, sometimes expressed in terms of listening (‘All you have to do | is listen to the sounds beyond the night’) and sometimes in seeing beneath the surface: ‘all things cover and hide and reveal | something deeper inside | if you wait long enough’. If you wait long enough: lisa gives us the patience to wait.

Susanna Braund, author of Seneca: Oedipu

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Release: 2017
Pages: 90
Format: Paperback

2450 Byng Road, Windsor ON N8W 3E8