The Way History Dries


The Way History Dries is Inman’s sixth book of poetry. He is also the author of The War Poems: Screaming at Heaven, and SEAsia (pronounced Seize-ya) also from Black Moss Press. He’s earned a handful of grants, and his collections can be found in libraries across North America, the National Library of Ireland, the Central Zurich Public Library, and the usual gallery of outlets. His books work like novels and themes link characters to landscape.

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Keith Inman was a factory worker. He began writing when his fingers wouldn’t hold single strings on his guitar, when he missed the next role in a small-town play, when the piano wasn’t comfortable under his hands, when his voice-teacher reminded him about those same strained half notes. Yet, he needed an outlet for the rhythms in his head. The answer came in a night-school writing class at Niagara College and when Thistledown Press accepted one of his short stories. Around the same time, his teacher suggested he try poetry to “get that flowery shit” out of his work.

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