Sunday With The Tigers – Eleven Ways to Watch a Game

Baseball isn’t just a game, it’s an experience. Sunday with the Tigers not only explores the game of baseball but also the city of Detroit, the ups and downs of fandom, the sights and sounds of the ballpark, and the genesis of a long lasting friendship. This book will cross the boundaries between Tigers fans, baseball fans, sports fans, non-fiction fans and you.

Sunday with the Tigers, inspired by books such as 9 InningsA Day in the Bleachers, and The Fenway Project, is an in-depth exploration of a single baseball game. The collection provides a detailed look at the experience of attending, watching and sharing a game. This was achieved by sending ten writers and one photographer to Comerica Park on May 25th to document and be inspired by the same game. Sunday with the Tigers uses the game only as a starting point because after all, there’s more than one way to watch a game.

What sets Sunday with the Tigers apart from other sports writing is its contributors. The authors range from John Wing, a fourth generation Tigers fan, to Susan Holbrook, who had never attended a game in her life. Marty Gervais ponders the role of the mouth in a baseball game for fans and ballplayers alike, while Stephen Crampsie explores the many ways in which the game has fostered a unique friendship. The topics that these authors examine are equally broad, ranging from the dying art of score-keeping, to the heartbreak of trading season, to the lonely life of a left fielder.


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Dale Jacobs teaches Composition and Rhetoric at the University of Windsor. In addition to numerous books and articles on rhetoric, he is the editor of North by North Wit: An Anthology of Canadian Humour (Black Moss Press, 2003) and Ice: New Writing on Hockey (Spotted Cow Press, 1997). He is editor of Sunday with the Tigers: Eleven Ways to Watch a Game (Black Moss Press, 2015). As a longtime fan of both baseball and nonfiction, Dale is proud to be able to bring together a collection of diverse perspectives on a favourite sport.

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