Pressing Matters: 50 Years in Publishing


This book is a commemorative book for the 50th anniversary celebration for Black Moss Press. A large gathering of Black Moss poets will be conducted
in Windsor where readings and signings will take place. We will perhaps include other readings in other cities, but as Windsor is the home of Black Moss, all of the festivities and marketing will be focused here. The book itself includes an in-depth history of the press, from our humble beginnings as a magazine to the poetry power house it has become today. It includes a list of books published through- out the years, photographs and interviews with key players.

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Black Moss Editorial Team

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Michael Mirolla is a daring and imaginative writer who takes us on journeys to places we haven’t been. “A place with neither inside / nor out. A place that can’t be imagined. / Imagine then what can’t be imagined.” In his new collection, At the End of the World, he employs inventive language, erudite allusions, and extraordinary metaphors creating poems as surreal caverns filled with tragedy, beauty, and courage. This book reveals Michael Mirolla at the summit of his poetic power.

Laurence Hutchman, author of Emery and Fire and Water

A good poem keeps its promise to the world, collects the details of transient reality, and reveals them reborn and remade with the prestidigitation of language. Michael Mirolla’s At the End of the World works magic with his haunting voice, his linguistic sleight of hand, and his ability to transform experience into the marvellous. Here is magic and mystery in the hands of a master.

Bruce Meyer, author of Grace of Falling Stars

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