Look at Her


In her follow up to I Am That Woman, Shields’ new collection of poetry is rooted in questions, answers and reflections about womanhood that pulsate through her lived experience as mother, poet, wife, daughter and friend. Whether Shields is reaching into her past – the history, the women, the houses; or holding the present in her hands and building her courage – choosing to love her body and celebrate her femininity; or daring to bring light to hidden realities few poets write about – her poetry is as always as strong as her love. Shields’ raw honesty, sensual wit, open heart and wise soul speak the unspoken for every woman who is striving to root herself in the safety of her own self-knowledge and growing inner-strength. Look At Her is a praise-song to the power of universal connectedness through the high hills and dark valleys of living out loud, finding and cultivating your voice, and celebrating what it means to be her.

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