I’ll Be There Soon


I’ll Be There Soon suggests both impatience and hesitation, hope and dread, reflection and speculation, all before moving headlong toward the inevitable. In these poems, the past and the future are merely circuitous routes to the present. Their anecdotal style and casual tone are mere veils for intensely personal experiences. The promise of innocence – whether it be the poet’s own, his friends’ or his family’s – is always tempered by the harsher reality of experience. The reader takes in each poem as if being regaled by an old friend at an impromptu reunion. Indeed, each poem in I’ll Be There Soon evokes a brief moment, with enough time for just one more story, before parting, your paths most likely never to cross again. That quality will make you want to read this solid collection again and again.” – Steven Mayoff, author of Our Lady of Steerage


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