Cuba’s Blue Sky in my Pocket


My darling wife Kim and I have had the delight of traveling to Cuba once a year for almost thirty years. As Canadian tourists we have zigzagged from one end of the island to the other more times than I might possibly remember. We have taught poetry and creative writing workshops at UNIAC and two universities. Our stays have varied in length and style from 10 days at an all-inclusive resort to 3 months living inner city down the street from fiends. I have bicycled thousands of kilometers with friends and on my own, but for the most part I am always a well-off Canadian tourist. Despite my tan and non-tourist attire I could never pass as a Cuban. My Cuban friends laugh when I try to pass myself off as a Cuban with the simple disguise of a straw hat.
The poems that you will find in this collection are filled with everyday experiences of our Cuba travels. I hope they will at least vicariously carry you through some of our heartfelt experiences. Have a happy sojourn.
Richard M. Grove,
known to friends in Cuba as Ricardo

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Richard (Tai) Grove, known as Ricardo by his Cuban friends has never been satisfied to be a mere tourist in that island nation. In establishing the Canada Cuba Literary Alliance, (more often referred to as the CCLA), he committed himself to beginning and sustaining a conversation between writers and poets in Cuba and those fortunate Canadians who have come to share in this conversation. Read these poems. Join Ricardo on his journey. Fall in love with Cuba. Carry a piece of Cuba’s blue sky in your pocket. Like the Scot kirking the tartan, touch the blue, the stunning blue, the radiant blue, pull it from your pocket and let it shine as the pages of this book shine and are a force for good in the world.

John B. Lee, Author of 70 titles, Three time Poet Laureate