Poetry Advent Calendar Day 25

We have made it to December 25th. We would like to thank you for taking this journey with us. 2020 has been a difficult year but we hope that these last 25 days of poems have brought joy and hope to your holiday season. Whatever you celebrate, we hope you are filled with warmth and love by surrounding family and loved one.

Finishing this collection of poems we have Bruce Meyer with a piece from 1967:Centennial Year. 1967 is a collection of poems written about Canada’s Centennial Year. Kicking off this collection is this poem “Instamatic, Christmas 1966” a poem about Bruce’s excitement as a young boy about the year to come and all it would hold for him. We hope that this coming year holds better things for all of us. From our family to yours: Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and warmest wishes for any holiday you may celebrate.


Instamatic, Christmas 1966

The eye through which I saw the world
opened one Christmas morning in a box.

The tag read “To remember Centennial Year.”
Child’s play. A cartridge. Point and click.

I remade the world in decal-edged squares,
marvelled at the brilliant Kodachrome red,

the colour more real than life recalled,
the world a shadow of its former self.

And trying to put words to what I could hold –
my parents’ house beneath a layer of snow,

my mother standing in the kitchen, my sister
playing dolls upstairs, my father and his Robertson –

words came slowly, but I remembered them,
recalled how my breath clung to that camera,

and framing each moment before I seized it,
held for an instant what the heart forgets.

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