Poetry Advent Calendar Day 24

We have almost finished our journey together. On this second last day of the Poetry Advent Calendar we have “Bliss” by Don Gutteridge from his 2019 collection of poetry Mara’s Lamp. This poem hearkens back to childhood christmases, and the simplicity of joy.




On Christmas ‘forty-three
my mother, “widowed” by the War,
couldn’t afford a tree,
but the day before the event
Gran gave her two dollars
with which she bought a shrivelled
cedar, unendowed
with needles to hang our Santas
on and teetering where it
stood, but come the magic
morning we found under
those sagging branches,
just for us, a big
blue Greyhound bus
and a smile on Mom’s face
as true as motherhood
and better than bliss.

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