Poetry Advent Calendar Day 22

Today’s poem from Bernice Lever’s Small Acts, is a beautiful reminder of the blessings we have in our lives.


Say “Thank You”

How does one say thank you
to a lime green instant hovering hummingbird
that flits faster than an eagle soars, so rapidly
its wings disappear against
a rosy honeysuckle bloom:
my joy cements a memory.

How does one say thank you
when you stand mouth gaped in awe
to slow immeasurable pleasures
taken alone or with another —
of half hours that demand
repeating as often as possible
at the start or end of a day
— as one magnificent, indescribable,
natural event becomes an addition —
so silent to start or finish,
yet heartbeats race as eyes
cannot look away nor focus fade,
on clear mornings and evenings
as overwhelming scenes are stored
of sunrises and sunsets.

Gifts — all these are given to preserve
our many blessings of being alive.

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