Poetry Advent Calendar Day 21

D.A. Lockhart brings us our 21st poem from his 2020 collection of haiku and haibun Tùkhòne. The section of haiku follows the Lenape moon cycle, and today we feature the haiku of the first snow moon. Today’s poems feature winter imagery that reminds us in small ways that even though we feel alone, we aren’t.

Wini Kishux

                     First Snow Moon

Snow dusts red car
under blue streetlight,
paw prints across hood.

Two bottles, Stroh’s
crested, delivered between
Piston’s highlights.

Wind flails blue
tarp wall. She returns
home through sleet.

Against glass, dirty
white steel, sun becomes
weak, distant fires haze.

Behind falling
snow Detroit is erased.
We are alone.

Here, the orange
street light wraps falling
snow into a cloak.

Desiccate stalks
bend in north wind
greet first flakes.

Snow piled atop
leaves, passing car
plays Bing Crosby.

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