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Keith Inman

Keith Inman’s poetry can be found in Canada, the US, Cuba and Ireland. When not writing poetry or staring out the window working, he helps run The Banister Poetry Anthology and adjudicates poetry contests, including one for teens through the St. Catharines Public Library System. Inman has won a variety of contests and been awarded both reserve and progress grants from the Ontario Arts Council.

Keith was a factory worker who began writing when his fingers wouldn’t hold single strings on his guitar… when he missed the next role in a small-town play… when the piano wasn’t comfortable under his hands,…when his voice-teacher reminded him about those same strained half notes. Yet, he needed an outlet for the rhythms in his head. The answer came in a night-school writing class at Niagara College, and when Thistledown Press patiently accepted one of his short stories. Around the same time, his teacher suggested he try poetry to “get that flowery shit” out of his work.

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