Dueling Poet John B. Lee

Black Moss poet John B. Lee recently participated in a Dueling Poets event with Vermont Poet Laureate Syndey Lea.

You can read all about it and see photos here.

Here’s a snippet of what reviewer Pearl Pirie had to say:

Both poets are “realists” in terms of storytelling. How do they not tell stories out of school? Lee related the story of Alistair MacLeod who had a story where the dog never existed in real life. A reader said she felt cheated and misled. He asked does a person feel cheated when they find the apple in the art gallery tastes like paint? Lee added, you can dumb down to the facts and miss the truth.

So distinguishing features get changed. All of reality is a construct Lea reminded, out but that doesn’t mean there’s no such thing as a lie.

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