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The Midnight Moon Sings of Murder: an Ontario Ghost Story

Published Date: May 5, 2020

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6 x 9


The Midnight Moon Sings of Murder takes the reader back to the massacre of the Donnelly family, but not as you know it. Told and retold countless times, poet Mary Ann Mulhern offers a different version of the Donnelly tragedy, through the eyes of Bridget Donnelly.

It’s 1880 in Lucan Biddulph, and young Bridget has moved to Canada for a chance at a better life. She soon realizes however, that while she doesn’t have to worry about hunger and poverty, she now faces a different set of problems. Ones that are just as deadly.

Divided into several parts, the narrative of the poems follows Bridget Donnelly into death where she becomes a ghost to watch the trial and acquittal of her mur- derers. Poignantly written, and beautifully tragic, Mary Ann Mulhern is at the height of her writing prowess as she weaves this story of a community divided by hate and driven to the ultimate crime, one for which no justice was served.

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