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The House of Shifting Time

Published Date: April 4, 2019

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6 x 9


“Through the city streets the bus launches / into the storm. Already the shapes, the terrain / outside is unfriendly, / the air wild as a monsoon. / People peer into the mirror of the night. / They move restlessly on the worn upholstery.”

Laurence Hutchman dares readers to peer into the mirror of the night and connect with the world around them, travelling through time and space. He asks us to consider how we connect with time and preserve our stories. This collection explores both public history and personal history—on one page we contemplate the life of Anne Frank, then on the next we may learn of Hutchman’s own great-grandmother, Annie O’Brien.  Hutchman’s poetry is at times heartbreaking and at times filled with wonder, but it is always hopeful. Just as time moves from past to present we all participate in an intertwining story, knit together by shared places.

“Late at night / after the day’s search / we find the strands of thought, / love in the voice of many- tongued words, / in the midst of chaos.”

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