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Even The Slightest Touch Thunders On My Skin



64 Pages


In the early ’90s, Lorraine Gane’s fiancé was diagnosed with inoperable cancer, dying nine months later during a bone marrow operation in New York City. This first collection of poems chronicles her journey through doctor offices and hospitals, but also reveals through dreams and monologue a deeper response to the death and its aftermath. Her intense, sometimes stark, but consistently sharp voice moves the text through an intimate story of love, loss and renewal. In a series of linked prose poems using elements from ancient myth (“Descent: Crossing the Dream”), she takes the reader into a archetypal world of grief and dissolution, exploring territory rarely attempted in poetic narrative. The final sequences show a fine lyrical sensibility in which Gane’s loss is transcended into such a state of grace “where nothing matters but the heart that continues its wild beat searching for the skull of its birth.” The result is a powerful memorial that helps us navigate our own losses and the deeper dimensions beyond our pain and mortality.

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