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A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth

Published Date: October 27, 2020

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Lisa Shatzky’s poems ask us to have the courage to live life’s complexities in all their mired colors and moods as fully as we possibly can. They offer a window into ourselves, words of hope and healing, love and loss, miracles and wanderings into those “greater than us” places. These are poems that offer a sanctuary of depth and contemplation, passion and compassion in which we do not want to leave.

Helen Tuck, B.A., M.A., writer and visual artist

In this book you will find a door to a world deep within yourself. These elegant poems, written in deceptively simple language, brim with truth about living and being.

Jess Malkin MA, MSW. Therapist and Artist

Lisa Shatzky ponders whether “maybe most things exist outside of words” however, through her words she takes her audience on a journey of self-reflection, inviting us to embrace the mysteries, to live the questions, showing us that vulnerability is the key to connection in this world we live in. She also invites us to find the music in the silence, to keep on loving and that there is ​A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth. Once again, get ready to have your heart swept open by another collection of unforgettable poems.

Ruta Yawney, MA, RCC, FAMI Registered Clinical Counsellor

Guided Imagery & Music Therapist

Lisa Shatzkyʼs poetry demands to be read aloud. Often I find I must hesitate and take a breath because I choke up and become teary, not because the poem is sad, but because the poem is so elegant, simple and masterfully written. There is a purity and honesty in the work that speaks to the most significant of human relationships, to those we love deeply, to our connection to the land, the sea, the air and the very fire in our souls. She speaks to ancestral whispers and spirit guides. Lisa Shatzky has the rare and magical ability to render the mundane as sacred and profound.

Alex Bruhanski, Noted actor, director, teacher, Founder and Director of Bruhanski Acting Studio-1980- 2017

In these puzzling days as our long-held certainties are being challenged and threatened, Lisa Shatzky’s poems lead us through sadness to moments of therapeutic uplifting. The overall mood in this collection of linked poems is consistent: Shatzky acknowledges the haunting facts of life on Earth (as endangered butterflies and bumblebees) and offers reasons to find joy in the smallest moments of our own lives. She urges us to rejoice in touching the hand of a stranger as we reach at the same moment to open a door or smiling at the person who is sweeping leaves scattering in a gust of wind. There is so much to love and so much to lose, her poems tell us, and so we need to “go slower, go softer, go kinder”.

Audrey Grescoe, author and editor

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