Wresting the Grace of the World

“a graceful new book… meant to chronicle a life’s journey…” — Niagara Falls Review

“Flecked and mottled by love light, her poems interfuse stories of anguish and acceptance in a storm-calmed life.” — J. S. Porter, Hammered

The poems in Eva Tihanyi’s fifth collection are about trying to find grace in the world of everyday life. The book is divided into three parts which work together to chronicle three aspects of the life journey.

The first, “Sacred Disasters” is about the quest for a spiritual dimension (not to be confused with organized religion) and how the upheavals in relationships can hinder this quest but eventually aid it too.

The second, “The Burrs of Paradise,” is a 17-section long poem chronicling the disintegration of a marriage. The third, “The Persistence of Vision,” uses photography as its central metaphor to explore the experience of erotic love. It is about the importance of being able to see clearly, the idea that sight is a very subjective thing.


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