Two Maps of Emery

Two Maps of Emery is Laurence Hutchman’s second book dedicated to the place in North York, a district of Toronto, called Emery. Most in the GTA would not know of this place. But Hutchman brings it back to life in this book of memoir-styled poetry. This is where he grew up. When his family first arrived there it was a small village, the farmers were still farming, the two-room school house was still open. The subdivisions were starting to be built and new businesses were beginning. A sequel to Emery, a book of stories about the land and its people, Two Maps of Emery continues with the rich history of the area. Divided into two sections: ‘The First Map of Emery’ begins with the arrival of John Graves Simcoe, founder of York, and Isaac Devins, the first settler of Emery, and finishes with the post-war period. ‘The Second Map of Emery’ details the arrival of families from elsewhere in Canada and Europe. Hutchman adds a personal touch by recounting his own family’s journey to this new land as well as his own experiences growing up there. Merging different styles of poetry, Hutchman creates a platform for a newly transformed Emery, strongly connected to the past. It is a book that has its roots in geography, memoir, history, social and political change. It is a book that will surprise people because it brings to light the small out-of-the-way places that have been swallowed up by progress and urban expansion.


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ISBN: 978-0-88753-566-6

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