Totally Unused Heart

Totally Unused Heart is the first book in the second half of internationally- acclaimed, award-winning Canadian poet John B. Lee’s writing life. As such it brings together poems written over a period of the past two years and includes some of the best to date. As the author observes in an interview, “there is an increasing complexity of concern arising from the fact that I’ve been on the earth for fifty years.” Rich with humour, and illuminated with the recent arrival of old light, there is variety of mood and depth of under- standing here which inspired one reader to observe the presence of a touch of the best of Robert Browning in the work. For her part, poet Margaret Avison calls, “Seeing the Cecropia,” ‘amazing and beautiful.’ From the open- ing lines of “Handsome in Pajamas” to the closing lines of “Lost”, readers familiar with Lee will find much to remind them of his best poetic achieve- ments. Those new to his work will discover a variety in style and content, the hallmark of the man whom British Columbian poet and critic George Whipple calls, ‘the best living poet in English.’

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