Tom Thompson Cover Reveal

Threshold Publishing, a Black Moss team, is excited to release the cover of Barry Brodie’s book, TOM THOMSON On the Threshold of Magic. After much deliberating, designing, and collaborating, the design was finally chosen from a collection of mock-ups. The cover depicts a man in a canoe paddling into the unknown. Our intention with the design was to portray Tom Thomson in a fresh way, just as Barry Brodie’s work does. Brodie’s book is not an art history book, and it is not about any of the conspiracies surrounding Thomson’s death. Brodie revives Thomson’s memory and creatively envisions Thomson’s journey to the afterlife, evoking an emotional response in the reader, as Thomson looks back on his life and work and searches for meaning. In this anthology, with the use of journals and poetry, Barry Brodie’s work and creative process is juxtaposed against Thomson’s own creative process. We experience a combination of the old and new artist. This is the experience we wanted to portray in our cover and design throughout the book. The canoe is an icon quintessentially linked to Tom Thomson. Combined with his art work reflected in the water, the cover takes on an ambiguity that leaves it open for interpretation. Are we looking up at Tom Thomson through the water? Or are we looking down at him from above? Where is the canoe headed? What is Thomson’s legacy after death? These questions reflect the content of Brodie’s book, and we leave it up to him to answer them within.

TOM THOMSON On the Threshold of Magic will release on Thursday April 6 at the Caboto Club. The event called “Experiencing 150” (honouring Canada’s Sesquicentennial Year) is a double book launch, also seeing the official release Bruce Meyer’s 1967 Centennial Year. To follow more about Threshold Publishing and Barry Brodie’s upcoming book see their facebook page:

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