The Voodoo Journal: Dispatches of a Haitian Grave

Some stories insist on being told. In his first published book, award winning Post Media journalist Don Lajoie, gives the reader a gripping and un-apologetically honest tale of his experiences as an award-winning journalist in Haiti. With stories accumulated over his many years of work in Haiti, Lajoie leads the reader confidently through the dichotomy of the country: its garbage-lined streets, the devastating earthquake of 2010, the diverse and rich traditions of Voodoo, the groundbreaking architecture, the thriving music scene, and the history of Haiti as a people of rebellion and survival. From the dramatic to the mundane, Don Lajoie, a former reporter for The Windsor Star, tackles the aspects of Haitian life rarely seen with a combination of awe, and humour. At the heart of the book is a reflection of faith, death, and the degradation and redemption of humanity. This is a book that would appeal to people engaged in social justice issues, human rights, and poverty.

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Product Dimensions: 6 x 9

ISBN: 978-0-88753-562-8

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