Interview with ROGER BELL!

A Conversation with Roger Bell and his Writing Interviewer: Amanda Gallagher, BA (Hons) at Laurentian University As with many days in a Canadian winter, the weather almost postponed the meeting that Roger Bell and I had set up. It was freezing rain that drifted on and off through our conservation, but we endured. Roger suggested… Read more »

The Pissing Women of Lafontaine

Though some will blanch and cluck their tongues at the brazen profaning of a more decorous world, these poems keep polite company with all who delight in poetry of quality. The poems in The Pissing Women of Lafontaine have their progenitor in ancient Roman poet Catullus, in 17th century English Poet Laureate John Dryden’s scatalogical masterpiece, “Macflecknoe,”… Read more »

You Tell Me

People generously gave me their stories. My duty as a writer was to be like a sponge on the ocean bottom, absorbing these tales, filtering them, embellishing, poeticizing, but keeping the heart of them, then passing them back out. I want these stories to belong to everyone. I want them to resonate. I want a… Read more »

Roger Bell

Roger Bell grew up in Port Elgin, Ontario. He taught secondary school English in Simcoe County for 27 years and lives in Tay Township, within dreaming distance of Georgian Bay. A two-time finalist in the CBC/Tilden/Saturday Night competition, Bell is as storyteller who uses his poetry to write narratives about real life. Bell’s lyrical style… Read more »

Candy Cigarettes

“If you were one of those people lucky enough to grow up in the 1950s and ‘60s when life was as real as it seemed, then you have to read Roger Bell’s newest book — Candy Cigarettes, published by Black Moss Press. The North Simcoe author’s memoirs open a precious time capsule that will have… Read more »

Roger Bell finalist in prestigious award

Black Moss author Roger Bell has been named a finalist in the highly prestigious 2011 Winston Collins/Descant Prize for Best Canadian Poem. The awards presentation which takes place at 7:30 P.M., Tuesday, February 8, 2011 at Supermarket, a local venue in Toronto’s Kensington Market. This is the third time that Black Moss Press authors have… Read more »

When the Devil Calls

When Roger Bell’s first book of poetry, Real Lives, came out it was praised for its “small town flavor” in that it depicted what life was like at the grass roots. In this latest book, Bell returns to that subject, but broadens it to include the neighborhoods, the countryside, and the territories of small towns… Read more »

Larger Than Life

Celebrity! It’s “when we clamber upwards in men’s eyes/up on the lacquered rungs of praise” according to Roger Nash. This anthology, edited by Roger Bell, explores celebrity through the eyes of writers and poets.