Bernice Lever Readings

Calling all British Columbia poetry lovers! If you’re looking to get your hands on a signed copy of Bernice’s Small Acts check out this list of events that she will be featured in. On January 28th at 7pm, Bernice will be reading at the “Never a Dull Word” event through the Bowen Island Arts Council, at… Read more »


Big things are happening at Black Moss Press as we prepare to launch our fall line of books! Check out our new fall catalogue to get a preview of what Black Moss has brewing in the coming weeks. Fall Catalogue  

Imagining Lives Receives Praise

Bernice Lever‘s recent publication Imagining Lives has received great praise from poet Allan Breismaster. Here’s what he had to say: Candid and forthright, vigourous and visceral, the poetry in Imagining Lives is “truly awake / to being,” as it bravely bodies forth the tension between persistent vitality and the infirmities flesh and spirit are heirs… Read more »

Black Moss Press Authors Reading

Want to catch your favourite Black Moss Author performing a public reading? We’ve compiled a list of upcoming readings from our 2011/2012 authors. Check out a reading near you! June 17 – Terry Ann Carter –  League of Canadian Poets AGM, book launch for Day Moon Rising, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. June 17 – Bernice Lever – poetry reading for League of… Read more »

North Shore Outlook covers Bernice Lever

North Shore Outlook ran a piece about Black Moss author Bernice Lever, who will release her newest book Imagining Lives this spring. Bernice read last night at the North Van library. Check out the full article here.

Never a Straight Line

Never A Straight Line tackles a subject that is politically explosive as society grapples with the big question of how generations to come will survive with a world that is only now coming to grips with the slowdestruction of the natural world. Into this mix go the stories of families, of urban development, conservation and waste…. Read more »


After spending much of her teaching career in Ontario, poet Bernice Lever has retired to her native British Columbia where she continues to write. Bernice has worked on several literary magazines, including the award-winning WAVES, which she edited from 1972 – 1987. She also worked for two years in an executive position for the League… Read more »

Imagining Lives

Imagining Lives is a poetry book with a past. Bernice Lever’s writing transports the reader to the 1940s and ‘50s, where children make mud pies and listen to family stories of the “dirty thirties.” Imagining Lives does not only look back, however. Lever seamlessly moves forward into more contemporary times, musing on nature, technology, and… Read more »

Bernice Lever

Bernice Lever, living on Bowen Island, BC, gets ‘high on words’. Generation (Black Moss Press, 2009) is her 9th book of poetry, and she’s written an English textbook, The Colour of Words, and other prose works. For 2011, she has completed her 10th poetry book, Imagining Lives. Currently, she is busy writing, freelance editing, giving… Read more »