Twelve Miles to Midnight Cover Reveal

After months of designing and redesigning, Black Moss Press would like to reveal the cover for André Narbonne’s debut book, Twelve Miles to Midnight.


FINAL Cover - Twelve Miles to Midnight-3


André Narbonne is an award-winning writer, who has been publishing in magazines all over North America for many years. But on April 5th, Narbonne will debut his first collection of short stories with Black Moss Press.

Twelve Miles to Midnight begins on a midnight road heading north from disaster and travels to the docks of Halifax and along the Eastern seaboard. Narbonne’s stories range from realistic tales to sometimes romantic fables, his chapters set in isolated mining towns, sailors’ bars, Cape Breton fishing villages, and onboard oil tankers off Newfoundland. Narbonne has the ability to engage his readers and place them alongside intriguing and raw characters: a mother who flees to a wild island in Northern Ontario to protect her son from the vengeance of strangers; a mad captain on an icebound oil tanker who directs orders to an insubordinate crew while an invisible predator stalks the periphery; and a prostitute intent on becoming an artist who finds a subject for her art in a comatose drunk on a Halifax wharf and is saved from her addictions by the chivalry of a knave.

This collection reads as a novel, but each story can stand alone. Narbonne’s world is vivid, fraught with chance that is both dangerous and restorative. Writing with a distinctive voice and a poet’s sensibility, he writes characters with compassion and heartbreaking honesty, and from them, we learn that human connection is necessary in times of adversity.

Stories in this collection have won the David Adams Richards Prize (2008), and the Atlantic Writing Contest (1998), and placed in the Prairie Fire’s short story contest (2014), and Storyteller Magazine’s Great Canadian Short Story Contest (2006). Some of the stories saw publication in Best Canadian Stories, Prairie Fire, Jonah Magazine, The Antigonish Review, Alimentum, Storyteller Magazine, and Sage of Consciousness.


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