Shirley Graham


Graham’s poetry has been published in North American literary journals for three decades. Her first book of poetry, What Someone Wanted, was published by Black Moss Press in 2007. Her most recent book of poetry, Book of Blue was published by Black Moss Press in 2013. She lives and writes on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia.

Robert Hilles, Governor General Award winning author of Time Lapse, Partake and A Gradual Ruin says of Graham’s Book of Blue:

“This book asserts Shirley Graham’s rightful place among established poets. She brings a masterful unity to a staggering range of subjects, all of it filtered through the shimmer and mystery of blue. Like the best Zen puzzles, these poems delight with their brilliant traps and amplifications, and radiate the everyday in ways that will make you want to read again and again because they prove that blue is not just a colour, but a way of seeing.”

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Book of Blue

What Someone Wanted


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