Rocking on the Edge

We live in edgy times, and Ronnie R. Brown’s newest poetry collection, Rocking on the Edge, looks at every-day people teetering on the brink. Using her trademark style of micro-fictional poetry, Brown chronicles the sad realizations of an exotic dancer who knows she’s “polished that silver pole a little too long,” as well as offering the cautionary tale of a flirtatious young woman who quickly learns that “silk and polished wood [can] conspire” to “send her sliding off the [bar] stool, onto the floor.”
In a Fiddlehead review of two of Brown’s earlier collections, award-winning poet, Robert Sward, noted Brown’s “…rawness, her directness and her ability to find–or make–poetry of the ordinary, the “extraordinary ordinary.” More raw and direct than ever before– these poems are particularly relevant in today’s world because, when you come right down to it, today we are all Rocking on the Edge.


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