Re:Generations: Canadian Women Poets in Conversation

Reflections on the creative process, the poems, fiction and creative non-fiction in this collection replace the myth of the artist as solitary seer with a different story of lively conversations across generations and among art forms. Slipping into the skin or trying on the voice of an established foremother, or collaborating with a contemporary in multimedia works that mingle words with music and visual image, or responding to the generative processes of mothering and/or being mothered as these inform aesthetic practices, the texts in this volume testify to the dynamic exchanges that have created a vibrant tradition of women’s poetry in Canada. Works of celebrated modernist writers and painters are included along with creative riffs on their artmaking by a younger generation of poets who, as editors, publishers, conference and caucus organizers, have carved out spaces for women writers’ creative interactions, and with the texts of an emerging generation engaging differently with the modernist legacy.

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