Poetry at the Manor and Bookfest Windsor

The last two weeks have been chock full of literary events around the city of Windsor. On October 27th Marty Gervais hosted the 4th annual Poetry at the Manor, an evening featuring the talents of Poet Laureates from across the country. The night was a success, with standing room only. The poets included: Yvonne Blomer (Victoria, British Columbia), Micheline Maylor (Calgary, Alberta), Anna Yin (Mississauga, Ontario), Kim Fahner (Sudbury, Ontario) and Gerry Hill (Regina, Saskatchewan). There was something for everyone present, from stories about everyone’s favourite coffee shop named for a hockey player, to humorous stories about school days and childhood. Marty began the evening by dedicating it to the late Eugene McNamara, inviting Eugene’s children to read pieces by the Windsor poet. Click the link for a slideshow of photos from the event.

Marty also announced a new project that he is launching as part of Windsor’s Poet Laureate. Teaming up with Vanessa Shields, Mary Ann Mulhern, Dorothy Mahoney, Daniel Lockhart, Peter Hrastovec and Carlinda D’Alimonte, Marty will be setting out to record the histories of Windsor and its surrounding areas. Calling themselves Windsor’s Group of Seven, Marty stated that the poems they write will be published in public areas, such as the sides of buildings and bus advertisements. They will even take their poetry to the streets in Random Acts of Poetry, reading the poems in public spaces to get the stories out to everyone. Marty welcomed Mary Ann Mulhern up to the podium to read her piece detailing the curse of Peche Island. For an interview with Marty about the project follow the link to the Windsor Star’s page: link.

Right on the tail of Poetry at the Manor was Bookfest Windsor. Black Moss Press was pleased to present the launch of Don Lajoie’s The Voodoo Journal as a part of the scheduled events. With a great turn out, Don Lajoie captivated his audience with tales of his experiences in Haiti and the different people he met while he was there. A slideshow of photos was also presented as part of the evening. A collection jar was set out to raise money for Haiti and the struggles they’re facing with the latest hurricane.

Marty Gervais interviewed Douglas Gibson on the 5th, speaking not as a poet, but as one publisher to another. They shared colourful stories of some of the trials and tribulations of publishing. Please follow the link for photos from all the Bookfest events: link.

Thank you to everyone involved in putting these events on, from the speakers to the coordinators to the sound people and photographers. But most importantly, thank you to everyone who attended the events and make literature in Windsor the great and wonderful thing that it is.

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