Poetry Advent Calendar Day 7

From The House of Shifting Time, today’s poem by Laurence Hutchman focuses on being present in the moment and focusing on what’s around you.


First Spring Walk in the Mountains


The valley is filled with light and shadows,
yet awakening from winter snows.
Already in May the mosquitoes
create a huzza around me.

There is nothing in this half of the world—
only mountains, forests, and ravens.
Why do the trees change me and
make me breathe in a different way?

The path opens up
and the earth’s stones
assume the various shape of jewels.
Dead trees are abandoned candelabras.

Here, I breathe the land,
pure ozone, blossom scents, damp moss.
To love the land you have to see it,
go beyond yourself.
You have to love cold,
fires at night, lonely snow,
and to see in spring slender forms of dandelions
as a row of ballet dancers in a Degas painting.

Each individual thing speaks out of itself.
Take it and hold it
until you hear the rocks sing.

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