Poetry Advent Calendar Day 5

BC poet Bernice Lever provides our feature poem today. “Peace Seedlings”, a poem about peace and how to nourish it and let it grow, comes from Small Acts. Bernice’s 2016 collection of poetry focuses on small acts of kindness and the ways they ripple into our everyday lives.


Peace Seedlings

Each Peace poem is a dry speck until spring rains,
then an acceptance flows, then a shell cracks,
until one root begins to stretch and multiply —

Each Peace public statement gains
from open positive nourishment,
from added fertilizer praises,
so roots flourish more and more —

Each Peace rally adds sun warmth
to coax this first stem to burst up,
to sprout tiny, green leaves,
to subdivide again and again —

Each Peace song that sings,
each Peace music performance,
again and again until many voices
caress lush buds on multi plants —

Each Peace prayer, one recites
in private or in parliament,
encourages and supports blossoms
of all colours to bloom,
causing scents of Peace
to inoculate the world,
encircle the globe.

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