Poetry Advent Calendar Day 3

Day 3 of out Poetry Advent Calendar brings us this beauty by lisa shatzky from her latest book A Thousand Ways to Kiss the Earth(2020). lisa’s newest collection of poetry addresses many of the problems facing the world today (the fires in Australia, climate change, etc…), her poems gently ask the reader to have courage and to heal. “Ode to Optimism” reminds you to look around you once in a while and to have faith things will get better.

Ode to Optimism

It’s not the cliched
rose coloured glasses or head in the sand,
it’s not we are all here singing kumbaya together and pretending
the train is not heading over the cliff.
It’s deeper wider
larger than that.
It’s looking for the moon
even though there is thunder
and knowing it will rise again from the midnight clouds.
It’s that one small step you are willing to take
toward doing something.
It’s smiling even when you are
not sure why
but smiling anyway
and touching the sky
with your eyes.
It’s hugging someone with all of your being
so you both remember
that right now
you are alive.
It’s seeing the sun after the storm,
finding the beauty in what was scattered by wind.
It’s that person you see
or hear about
who walks out of the flames
burned and broken and scarred
and then goes back in again
and again
to grab the hands
of those still stuck inside
and carry the ones
who can not walk out
on their own.

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