Poetry Advent Calendar Day 20

Robert Hilles returns with another poem from his collection Shimmer. “65 Winters” reminds us of the strength love has to survive.
65 Winters
I remember as a boy going to the woodshed
Behind the house in winter
To get more chopped slabs for the stove
Winters seemed longer then
And I wasn’t old enough yet
For romantic love
Squirrelled it away
For the delicate future
You asked me tonight
What are love poems
And I said they are like this one
But I wanted to believe
That love poems
Succeed where other poems don’t
They find the way out
Of the gathered mess
I’ve already lived 65 winters
But when I think of love
I don’t think of any one season
Think instead of the earth
And its practiced green
In the night sky
A bulbous cloud
Hides the swollen moon
In the morning there will be no cloud
Or moon
Only the fiery sun
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