Mary Ann Mulhern

MaryAnnMary Ann Mulhern began writing poetry in 2001 during a summer writing seminar conducted by John B. Lee at the University of Windsor. In September of 2001, she won first prize in the Freedom Festival Poetry Contest, with her poem about Harriet Tubman, entitled, Freedom’s Rail. Marty Gervais, publisher of Black Moss Press, noticed her success and began a mentoring program with her that October.  As Mulhern had been in a convent for eight years in the sixties, Gervais asked her to write about her experience. From this came her first book of narrative poetry, The Red Dress, published by Black Moss Press, 2003. The Red Dress received national attention through an interview on Tapestry, CBC radio, with host, Mary Hynes. Another life-experience which she was encouraged to write about was growing up in a “cemetery house,” located at the edge of a cemetery in St. Thomas, Ontario, where her father, Patrick was grave-digger and caretaker. This resulted in Touch the Dead, published Black Moss Press, 2006. Touch the Dead was short-listed for the Acorn-Plantos Award in 2007. Mulhern was asked by Marty Gervais to research and write about the Father Charles Sylvester priest sexual-abuse case which was successfully prosecuted by crown attorney, Paul Bailey at the Chatham Court House. Her book When Angels Weep was born out of this research. In 2010, Mulhern published the sequel to The Red Dress entitled Brides in Black. In 2018 she launched All the Words Between, a book of poetry based on news stories and headlines. Her newest book of poetry, The Midnight Moon Sings of Murder, features the Donnelly tragedy in Lucan, Ontario. She also has the honour of being Poet Laureate of Windsor, a city she proudly calls home.

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