John B. Lee Fall 2019 Book

The weather is cold, but here at Black Moss the presses are hot as we gear up for our Fall 2019 books! This year we’ve got a lot planned for you all, it’s not every year you turn 50 right? So keep an eye on our blog and facebook as we release all the latest news about Black Moss’ 50th! While we’re at it, here’s a small teaser from John B. Lee’s newest book, set to be published in September.

The Honeymoon Sound of the Puck on the Boards

on their honeymoon
my father took my mother to a standing-room-only
Red Wings hockey game where they perched
in the dark red-hearted heights
he in his wing tips
she in her brand-new stilettos
and she was Grace-Kelly beautiful
and he was handsome and slim
dapper with dark thick curly hair
and the big-car dreams of a farmer

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