Invoking the Moon

“Voluptuous, luscious, fertile . . . Fertig’s mastery of the metaphor is breathtaking”. . .

Vancouver Sun

Invoking The Moon traces 20 years of Mona Fertig’s verse. From the founder of the famous (m)OTHER TONGUE press on Salt Spring Island where she now lives, we are presented with the fluid poetry that has its roots in storytelling.

Of Fertig’s craft, Robert Kroetsch says, “When it comes to erotic writing, Mona Fertig makes the rules. And she does it by breaking them. Let the reader beware.”

In poems like “Land Escape, the poet fervently defies convention in the voice of a memorable speaker who is “gonna fly/when the riding comes/she’s gonna/slip clean wet woman/when the storm/yells higher.”

The rich sensuality and profound wisdom of Fertig’s poetry proves accessible to all readers who appreciate the vivid imagery that dominates her verse

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