Guthrie Road

In The Guthrie Road, Rosemary Sullivan takes a deep look into her Irish roots and the history of the Guthrie/Sullivan family of which she is a proud member. The Guthrie Road is interwoven with the history of Irish immigrants in Montreal. Sullivan paints a vivid picture of the hardships faced by members of her family using old photographs, letters and stories shared by her mother, and aunts.
To read this book is like sitting at the Guthrie/Sullivan family table and sharing stories that come together to create a tale that is both original and touching. Sullivan weaves several historical accounts into a tapestry of family exploration. This book offers readers a personal look into Irish heritage and examines the legacy in an organic story-telling setting. Sullivan becomes fearless of her past and interested in figuring out the phantoms of her history and her blood that calls her to discover “how much of who we are is the product of our own choices?”

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